AboutUs - Dhani Laine Photography

We're the Stoner Sisters & this is how we roll..

      To quote our mother, "It's our last name, not our occupation." As for our occupation? Well, we're a kick-ass wedding photography duo. 

      We are sisters who grew up on Chicago's southwest side. We spent our childhood tearing up the neighborhood on skates and bikes. We spent our summers sprawled under cars in the driveway with our aircraft mechanic dad. Kat could single highhandedly change a car tire far before she was legally able to sit behind the wheel of one. Our mom is soft, sweet, sensitive and has always had an artistic streak. We toe a very fine line between shoe-loving, makeup hoarding girly-girls and craft drinking, belch contesting tomboys who can shut down your 15 year old cousin at literally any video game.

      We picked up cameras about the same time as teenagers and we'd sneak out together hopping trains all over the city shooting street photography and grabbing food in every neighborhood we could. We have been shooting together for so long now that we don't need to say a word to each other. Our movements are synchronized and orchestrated. Dhani has the big vision for how your wedding day is going to look, feel and come together. She's thinking about light, composition, and the story of how these two unique people came to find and love each other. Kat is organized, strategic and calculated. She's going to ensure all your family members are where they are supposed to be for family formals, keep tabs on your rowdy bridal party and supplement your images with an additional view that different than Dhani's but still blends seamlessly for a well curated, bespoke collection of photographs.  


   I live in Andersonville, a little neighborhood in Chicago known for it's cute shops, perfect coffee spots, and short walk to the beach. My vibe is dirty iced chais, green tea kit-kats, comic books, pokemon moon, sarcasm, street art hunting, cats and beats dropped reallll lowwww.

   My fiancé Adam does infrastructure/cyber security for Etsy which has us in NYC a couple times a year. We love to travel, play video games, roller skate and compete in the car to see who can rap better.. (Spoiler alert: It's me) He's a Wisconsin boy, I'm a city girl. He still laughs at my reaction to seeing cows on the side of the road. I critique his hometown's tacos. He makes a mean smoothie, inspires me to push the boundaries and I'm crazy about the guy.

   We have a daughter together who is brave and bold. I'd share the fearless female she was named for but at this point, there's no use. For the last three years she's insisted that her name is Glitter Lucky, so we just roll with it. She's into Japanese manga, sushi, girl power and generally kicking butts. She's pretty much the coolest. 

   If it's not a wedding weekend I'm spinning on a roller rink floor. I am a lover of jam/rhythm/dance skater,  pbr&b and twirling on them haters. I am a majestic amazonian at 5' 10" and the epitome of grace on skates, but when those babies come off I am back to knocking things over and being a general hot mess. In all likelihood, I will embarrass myself on your dance floor when Beyoncé hits.

   Professionally speaking, I've spent the last 10+ years as manager, and later a trainer for family photography studios. I have experience in just about every area of portraiture.. babies, kids, extended families, large groups.. posed & candid, natural or studio lit. In a unique way, it has prepared me for just about every wedding day scenario. My clients loved me so much that they began asking me to cover private events. When I was asked to shoot my first wedding I knew that night it was where I wanted to pour all my focus and love. I've been a full time freelance wedding photographer since 2014.


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Bridal Style

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