Mercantile Hall Wedding | Lyndsey & Joe

   I can not say enough nice things about Lindsey & Joe. I was able to get to know them over the course of their engagement. In that time, it became more and more apparent just how well they work together, how deeply they love one another and how much their friends and families adore them.

   They exchanged vows at one of the most charming venues I've ever had the pleasure of photographing, Mercantile Hall in small town Burlington, WI. The space is an industrial and brick vintage building with the attached Urb Garden. The Urb Garden is an unexpected and versatile space, twinkling with bistro lights that softly envelope the patio. It also boasts the cutest trailer bar serving up customized drinks (the talk of cocktail hour!)


  The entire experience is warmed by the undeniable charm of downtown Burlington. The Tall Tale Music Fest happened to be on the same day as Lyndsey and Joe's wedding. We adventured  across town for photos when, unexpectedly, the festival goers burst into applause and performers Roscoe & Etta dedicated a song to Lyndsey and Joe. I've never experienced anything like it while photographing. It truly reaffirmed just how special each wedding is, as well as how much I love being present for them.