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Frequently Asked Questions: Weddings

How do I go about booking you?

Contact me via the 'Let's Chat' link on the side menu. We'll chat details about your day like how many hours of coverage you'll need, how large the wedding is,  where it's located and your budget. From there I'll send you pricing and a copy of my contract. I like to set a date to meet in person to see if we're as good of a match as you lovebirds are. Once you decide you like my work and we mesh well you can pay a deposit at your convenience. The deposit is 50% of the agreed total and blacklists your wedding date so that I will take no further inquiries for the date. The remaining 50% is due no later than 2 weeks before the wedding date. 

Are you available for our date?

Feel free to check my calendar. Also be sure to drop me an email via the 'Let's Chat!'  to confirm. Sometimes, I pencil couples in a requested date but I don't blacklist a date on my calendar until I have a contract signed and a deposit in hand.

What is your photographic style?

My style is very diverse and flexible. I have a background in academic photojournalism ( see my resume here ) so I do spend a fairly large amount of the day hanging back and capturing special moments as they unfold naturally in a very unobtrusive way. However, that is about 60% of the day. I am very hands on with the day's timeline and I like to set aside time during the day for more lifestyle images. What does that mean exactly? It means I'm likely to pull you two aside privately and ask you to slow dance, or walk a path holding hands, I might ask you to whisper what you love most about each other. What this does is successfully creates realistic emotion and sets a genuine mood for portraits.

What's it like to work with you?

Feel free to  see what my clients have to say. Additionally, I have no problem providing references if need be.

Do you work with a second shooter?

It is not uncommon to have two shooters for some weddings, especially those interested in a photobooth at the reception and it is certainly something I am able to offer.

What if you get sick/car accident/etc?

I have never missed or been late for an appointment, ever. If there is a situation out of my control, once again, I have a network of fellow photographers and it is more reason to consider adding a second shooter.

Do you include digitals?

My prices include a digital copy of all of your day's images as well as copyrights to all the images. This means you own your photos and can print and share them without limitation. I can not stress enough, when shopping around for wedding photographers it is important to ask this question as some photographers do not release the hi-res images or copyrights to their photos and if they do it is usually at an extreme markup and usually not disclosed until after your wedding if you don't know to ask. 

Are your images your own?

This shouldn't even be a question brides should have to ask their photographer but it is! Sadly,  it is not uncommon for people to steal photography and market it as their own in order to gain clients. What inevitably happens is a couple books a photographer based on the work they see on the photographers website but what they receive afterwards is anything but what they saw online. Every image featured on dhanilaine.com or any affiliated social media is mine unless otherwise stated. It deeply bothers me to see photographers who do this (and I see it more often than you'd think) but an informed bride is a savvy one. 

What do you shoot and how do you edit?

I shoot entirely digital format. I lightly edit and color balance the images in lightroom and those are the images that go online for you to view as proofs roughly 3-4 weeks after your wedding. Those same images are the ones that you get a digital format of. Additionally, I edit my favorite 10-20 images in photoshop with artistic enhancements that may include customized filters and blemish retouching. Those images come free with larger packages and make the most beautiful framed prints as well as a stellar addition to wedding albums. All images you receive will be .jpg format.